27. March 2023.


Partnership for Competitive Region (CORE Partnership) and the German Development Cooperation implemented by GIZ invite all cities and municipalities, leaders of economic development, to join the international BFC SEE Certification Program of cities and municipalities with a favorable business environment in Southeast Europe.

The BFC SEE program is primarily intended for those cities and municipalities that are determined to create better conditions for attracting investments and faster development of the existing economy through improving business environment, thus improving the quality of life of citizens.

The key advantages that the BFC SEE program brings to certified cities and municipalities are:

  • An image of a modern and agile local administration at the service of citizens and private sector
  • Positioning themself on the map of the most favorable investment destinations in Southeast Europe
  • Recognition among decision makers from state, businesses and international community levels
  • Membership in the BFC Club of Local Development Leaders
  • Opportunities to participate in development projects, study visits and regional initiatives
  • Exchange of knowledge with the most successful cities and municipalities


This call is exclusively open to 50 cities and municipalities in Southeast Europe that have not yet participated in the BFC SEE Program and whose development vision is based on authentic local potentials.

For all interested candidates, we will organize an info session: "How to get the international BFC SEE certificate" with the aim of further informing you about the details and conditions of participation in the Program.

More information about the BFC SEE Program and its certification process, criteria of the IV edition and terms on how to apply to the Program, as well as information on registration for the info session can be found on the links below of your respective Technical Secreteriat. The progress in the process will be monitored by the media throughout the region.




BFC SEE Partners