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Regional council

Dušica Perišić
Executive Director of ZELS (Association of the Units of Local Governments of the Republic of Macedonia)
President of the Regional Council

Since June 2001, as the Executive Director of ZELS, included in the preparation of legislation that sets the basis for the current decentralization of competences and finances, a process which is being implemented in the Republic of Macedonia as of July 2005.

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Jozo Bejić
Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, FBIH

He earned his Master's degree in 2011 at the University of Tuzla. Mr. sc. Jozo Bejic currently holds the position of Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts.

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Saša Drezgić
Dean of the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka

He earned a PhD degree in 2008 at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, with the topic of the influence of investments on local economic development. From 2002 he has been dealing with local economic development and local finance.

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Violeta Jovanović
Executive Director of NALED

Violeta started building expertise in local economic and rural development and standardization, upon graduation in 1998, as an expert and team leader in USAID programs in Serbia and the region, through the design and implementation of complex development projects worth over 10 million dollars.

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Bojana Bošković
Deputy Minister for Financial System and Improvement of Business Environment, Montenegro

In October 2004, she began her professional career at the Ministry of Finance as an intern, where she performed the duties of a senior advisor, as well as a department coordinator. In December 2010, she was appointed as a Deputy Minister for Financial System and Improvement of Business Environment.

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Olivera Radić
Head of the Centre for macro-economy, business improvement and quality within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Srpska

Olivera earned her Master's degree in Quality Management at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade in 2010 and Bachelor of Economy, study programme of finance, banking and insurance at the Faculty of Economy, University of Belgrade.

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Adelina Farrici
Executive Director of the Association for Local Autonomy Albania

Adelina Farrici is the Executive Director of the Association for Local Autonomy Albania. Adelina attended the studies at the University of Tirana, at the Faculty of Natural Sciences where she graduated in 1990, in the branch of physics. In 2010, she attended postgraduate studies in the field of Business Administration.

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Dr. Alban Hashani
Executive Director at Riinvest institute

Alban started working at the Riinvest Institute in 2006 after spending some time in the banking sector. Currently, he holds the position of Executive Director at the Riinvest Institute. He holds a graduate degree in economics from Prishtina University and post-graduate and doctoral degree in economics from Staffordshire University in the UK.

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