Regional Development Agency for Herzegovina (REDAH) establishing Assembly was held on 17 December 2003 and the Assembly consists of mayors of 23 municipalities from Herzegovina and representatives of local development associations from Herzegovina economic region, as well as chambers of crafts and trade, chambers of commerce and NGOs dealing with economic development issues. As a part of the process of improving the economic development through an integrated regional approach, that has been implemented through the project of the Delegation of the European Commission to Bosnia and Herzegovina for regional development (EU RED), Regional Development Agency for Herzegovina (REDAH) has been created, the Agency which is one of the five regional development agencies for each of five economic regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

REDAH is a non-government, nonprofit and independent regional development agency for Herzegovina founded by the regional economic development entities for the purpose of promoting, coordinating, planning and implementing development activities in the region. The work of REDAH is based on partnership between public, private and non-government sector, which is considered as the key for success. REDAH mission is to be the catalyst that will structure and provide comprehensive support to the regional economic development of Herzegovina region as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

REDAH has been established as a result of wish of relevant protagonists from the region to devote themselves to the issues of common interest more actively. All this is aimed at enabling faster economic development of local communities and achieving balanced development of the region as a whole.

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